What makes great an electric motor? Parameters of the motor: The main parameters to consider the performance of the hub motor are torque. Low current, high torque, or instant start of high torque are all good features for wheel motors. There are a lot of users often ask us motor power and KV value for electric skateboard, these parameters do not have high reference value. But for UAV model KV and motor power is an important parameter. While electric skateboard is used in load condition, we need to understand low startup performance, motor starting torque, in order to ensure skateboarding in harsh environments (such as steep hill climbing, too pass through poor road condition) does not appear short circuit and emergency brake problem. So when you want to choose a hub motor and care about the power or the KV value of a motor, you might as well pay more attention to the material of the motor. Material of motor: There are several factors that affect the price of wheel motors: 1. NdFeB Magnets  2. copper wire   3. bearings NdFeB Magnets: that is permanent magnet material, directly determines the life of the motor. In wheel motor there is a parameter called “coercive force” which refers to the magnetic material in the saturation magnetization and return to zero when the external magnetic field the magnetic induction intensity of B is not only in the field to zero, to add a certain size of the original magnetic field in the opposite direction of the magnetic induction intensity of return to zero, which are commonly called” demagnetization”. The standard motor use 3mm NdFeB Magnets to covered the entire rotor, and some motor will be reduced to 2mm to cut cost, not even covered the entire rotor. The motor will have demagnetization after heating occurs, it is very dangerous, for example, you can run skateboard at original speed 35KM/H, gradually it will not run at this speed after demagnetization. Copper wire: as is known to all, copper is very expensive material. The amount of copper used in the 12 pole stator and the 18 pole stator is different. If use less copper wire, and the speed is very high, heating problem comes, if the heat can not be solved effectively, then the potential risk of motor is high, such as motor burns out after riding short distance. Bearings: This is not a small thing, very important. Good quality bearing do not allow the motor deflect when motor runs. If use poor quality bearing, the motor will make friction sound when rotate in high speed, then the stator and rotor wear, skateboard will suddenly out of control or locked in the riding process, which it is not detected by Hall Sensor, and your remote control will lose control.