Before using the electric skateboard for the first time, you need to read the manual andfollow all safety recommendations. 

Warning before use

For children under 14 we do not recommend the use of an electric skateboard without parental permission. We recommend using a helmet, knee pad, elbow pads and other protections according to the use to be made. After use, remember to leave the lithium battery charged to avoid reducing the life of the battery. Electric skateboards are not for use in water or with low battery charge.


1. You must charge the battery immediately after each discharge.

2. The battery should not be charged with an ambient temperature below 10 degrees Celsius, it could cause the fire in the lithium battery.

3. Charging must be done away from flammable products. Do not leave the load with extra time. It will not make you charge more when you are 100%.

4. These warnings should be known to all owners and electric users of the skateboard, remember the warnings to avoid an unfortunate accident.

5. Do not open the battery cover under any circumstances, doing so breaks the warranty.

6. When charging batteries, keep the charger away from highly flammable materials or products and never leave the charger unattended when charging.

7. Charge your skateboard at temperatures above 10 ℃ (59 degrees Fahrenheit), or the battery will be seriously damaged.

8. Never put the battery in the place of fire or high temperature because overheating can cause the explosion of the battery or fire.

9. Overloading seriously damages the battery, never charge your skateboard for more than 8 uninterrupted hours.

10. If you are a beginner, we suggest the 4.4Ah battery, enough for normal use. If you are an advanced user, we suggest the battery of 6.6Ah or more to cover greater distances.

11. We do not suggest rolling on steep slopes for long periods of continuous time (more than 5 minutes).