Energy recovery system. Rboard

Today, to be respectful with the environment or to be an ecologically conscious person, we must first understand the fragility of our environment and protect it from the damage we could cause.

Tomahawk Skateboards is continuously evolving to obtain products that are environment friendly and that at the same time suppose, for the user, a notable benefit in the way they understand skating. As a result of this commitment, today we are launching R board.

What is Rboard?

R for Recovery

R for Ready

R de Ride more

This system makes that with a small modification on your e-board, which you can do by yourself, could recover energy to recharge your battery in situations as common as releasing the throttle while carving, going down a hill without accelerating, or while pushing flat even if the battery is exhausted. This makes our machine much more efficient and we can do more kilometres with a single charge.


No, of course, but almost. We have implemented for our personal electric vehicles what most hybrid and electric vehicles have been doing for some years. We have carried out a recovery system that changes the kinetic energy and transforms it into electrical energy, taking it directly to our batteries.
To do this, we use state-of-the-art electronic equipment with a very low ecological footprint, and very small dimensions.

Expert testing

The tests carried out in the streets by our experts have given excellent results, showing very satisfactory behaviours in recovering energy loads.

Rboard testing in a electric longfboard
Rboard testing in a electric longfboard

Here we see a photo of our tests carried out at a speed of 12.3 km / h, we generated a voltage of 23.38V and a current of 430mha


The R board, our device for recovering the energy charge on your electric vehicles, is suitable for skateboards with one to four motors, electric bicycles and most of common personal electric vehicles. It is easily installable, in a few minutes you can start it. Integrated into your system and fully compatible with your control electronics. Recover between a 5% and 15% of your battery depending on several factors (inclines, speeds, driving way, etc.) 

Technical specifications

For batteries from 7S / 2P to 12S / 4P.You can buy it with Plug And Play connectors or to solder the cables of your motors to the board.

Dimensions: 50mm x 70mm x 20mm.Weight: Environment at 70gr.

Electronic schema
Electronic schema

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