What makes an electric motor exceptional?

Let’s take a closer look at the technology that Tomahawk skateboards incorporate and what truly makes an electric motor exceptional.

Electric Motor Parameters

The primary parameter that determines the performance of a motor is torque.
Low current, high torque, and instant start with high torque are good characteristics for motors mounted inside the wheel.
Since electric skateboards are always used under load conditions, we need to understand the importance of motor acceleration performance, the motor’s starting torque, in order to ensure the skateboard’s performance in special situations, such as riding on steep hills, carrying heavier loads, or on poorly paved surfaces.
Users often ask only about the motor’s power, and while a high kW value for an electric skateboard is important, it’s not the only parameter to consider. When evaluating different types of in-wheel electric motors, special attention should also be given to the motor materials.

Materials of the Electric Motor

Several factors affect the quality and price of wheel motors:
1. Neodymium magnet
2. Copper wire
3. Bearings

Neodymium magnet (NdFeB Magnets) is the permanent magnet material directly determining the motor’s lifespan. In the wheel motor, there is a parameter called “coercive force” that refers to the degree of magnetic field magnetization saturation, which returns to zero when the magnetic induction intensity in the external magnetic field is reduced, a process commonly referred to as “demagnetization.” The motor will undergo demagnetization after heating. The standard motor uses 3mm NdFeB magnets to cover the entire rotor, while some motors from other brands use 2mm magnets to reduce costs, which are not even sufficient to cover the entire rotor.

Copper wire: As is well known, copper is a very expensive material. The amount of copper used in the 12-pole stator and the 18-pole stator differs. If less copper wire is used at high speeds, heating problems may occur. If heat cannot be effectively dissipated, the potential risk of motor failure increases, leading to possible motor burnout.

Bearings: Bearings are also crucial elements for the lifespan of the electric motor. A high-quality bearing prevents motor friction during operation. If you use a skateboard with low-quality bearings, when the motor rotates at high speeds, it will produce a friction sound, causing wear on the stator and rotor, potentially leading to a blockage and loss of control.

For safe riding and to ensure reliable and durable transportation, we must ensure that we have the best technology and quality of materials in all parts of our products, especially in the motor and brake. Tomahawk skateboards provide you with the quality assurance that other products that may appear similar but have been designed and manufactured with a sole focus on price cannot offer the same levels of quality.

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