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What makes an electric motor exceptional?

Let’s take a closer look at the technology that Tomahawk skateboards incorporate and what truly makes an electric motor exceptional. Electric Motor Parameters The primary parameter that determines the performance of a motor is torque.Low current, high torque, and instant start with high torque are good characteristics for motors mounted inside the wheel.Since electric skateboards […]

How to choose the electric skateboard that best suits me?

Among the many questions our customers ask, perhaps the most important ones are: How do I choose the best electric skateboard for me? What should I buy? In this article, we will try to help you differentiate between the numerous available models, their features, and how they fit your needs. Battery Life One of the […]

Electric Skateboard: Everything you need to know

An electric skateboard, also known as an e-board, is nothing more than what the term implies: a means of transportation on a skateboard, deck, or skateboard (depending on where you are). Depending on the model, speed is controlled either through a wireless remote control or a weight sensor. And the steering? Just like a traditional […]

Electric skateboard battery charge recovery device: Rboard

Hoy en día para ser respetuoso con el medio ambiente o ser una persona con conciencia ecológica debemos entender primero la fragilidad de nuestro medio ambiente y protegerlo de los daños que le causamos. Tomahawk Skateboards está continuamente evolucionando para conseguir productos que sean respetuosos con el medio ambiente y que a la vez supongan, […]

Electric motors

Without a doubt, the electric motor is gradually establishing itself as a real alternative to the combustion engine. But although important data about its autonomy, efficiency, etc. Few know in depth the operation and technology involved in these mechanical and electrical marvels that accompany us every day. For this reason, at Tomahawk Skateboards, we are […]